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Hotel Works by webhotelier | primalres is an advanced property management software system for both independent hotels and large chains. It offers an integrated solution that includes a variety of tools covering entirely the whole range of Front and Back Office operations, as well as a range of components that enable systematic monitoring of revenue and financial data.

Developed after years of research & development that studied both the needs of various types of hotels, but also the features and characteristics included in existing PMS, Hotel Works introduces a novel approach in hotel business management offering at a much lower cost components that are usually found only in large and more expensive PMS systems.

All departments in one application

Gain full control of your business through a single application. Points of sale (restaurants, bars, spa, mini market etc.), inventory management, accounting management all in one shared database with your hotel software.

Connect with online booking systems

Save valuable time and avoid mistakes by automatically importing online bookings from all your sales channels and website, thus eliminate the possibility of overbooking with immediate availability update.

Ease of use, user friendly environment

Hotel Works is designed with central focus on the user’s experience and the speed required in the day-to-day procedures of the hotel. The user friendly environment guides the less experienced users.

Centralized management of multiple hotels

Hotel Works is an ideal solution for hotel chains and hotel management companies. Data across all hotels are stored in a single unified database. This means that privileged users can monitor and manage all components such as bookings and availability, financial transactions and charges for all hotels of the chain. The system also supports the operation of a centralized reservation department, as well as statistics and reporting both at single, subgroup/segment, or entire chain level.

Plans – Reservations

Online Reservations

Price Lists

Outmost attention has been given to Hotel Work’s ability to formulate different rate plans, so that all possible needs of any hotel can be covered, no matter how simple or complicated rate plans are. A complete set of tools is included which automates the creation, maintenance and checking of the rates. This can lead to rates with:

Financial Supervision

The monitoring of all financial data and incomings of all departments. The user may check any element that is related to money, from a deposit until all invoices that have been issued. Some of them are cash registry status, debits from third parties (companies, agencies, T/O), charges in advance, credits, discounts, even breakdowns or transfers of transactions from one room/customer/reservation to another.

Printouts – Report Generator

HotelWorks offers a large number of printouts with dynamic filtering options, covering every part of the hotel (reception, housekeeping etc). The user may create new printouts or modify existing ones with the use of a unique Report Generator tool, which is included as standard in Hotel Works.

Additional Features

Hotel Works is complemented by a group of specially designed applicationsthat can cover all the services of a hotel. These are:

Hotel Works also includes:

Sales & Enquiries:

Please contact Hotel Works sales team at: +30 211 7702770 (ext. 655)
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